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How-To Guide: Using a Car Hoist safely

Ready to use your Car Hoist? Read these safety tips first!

We have helped thousands of Australian car enthusiasts take their hobby to the next level by installing one of our Car Hoists in their sheds.

However, like many other tools in your workshop they can be dangerous if used incorrectly. We have put together this quick guide to cover the basics before you begin.

Using a 2 Post Car Hoist safely

Safely using a 2 Post Hoist

  • Refer to your specific vehicle manufacturers jacking point locations.
  • When loading a vehicle adjust the hoist arm pads to keep it level when raised.
  • Always position the arms in order to keep the weight evenly distributed.
  • Before raising the vehicle more than a few centimeters, carry out a good shake test.
  • Once you have raised the vehicle, don’t forget to engage the safety locks.
  • Use an under hoist stand when carrying out jobs that may change the weight balance.
  • Always use a transmission jack to assist you when removing heavy car parts.
  • The use of a waste oil drain tank is recommended to save hazardous spills.

Safely using a 4 Post Hoist

  • When loading a vehicle make sure it is properly secured with the handbrake first.
  • Use wheel chocks as a secondary safety measure to make sure the car can’t roll off.
  • Once you have raised the vehicle, don’t forget to engage the safety locks.
  • When raising low cars ensure the ramps don’t hit the vehicles body as they pivot.
  • When using a secondary lift, first make sure the vehicle has been adequately secured.
  • We recommend the use of oil drip trays if you are storing a vehicle on the hoist.
  • You must disconnect the optional caster wheels before using the hoist with a vehicle.

Keeping your Car Hoist well maintained for safety

Car Hoists quickly become the heart of every workshop and are usually one of the most used pieces of equipment in there — So it’s easy to become somewhat complacent over time.

But there are a few things that you must do periodically to ensure your Car Hoist is safe to use before getting under it.

Daily Safety Checks

  • Begin by keeping your Car Hoist clean, it will make any potential issues easier to notice.
  • Visually check all the the hydraulic hoses and the surrounding areas for oil leaks.
  • Inspect your safety cables carefully for any signs of pinching or fraying.
  • Operate the hoist before you put a car on and make sure the safety locks are engaging.
  • When using a 2 Post Hoist make sure the vehicles weight is evenly distributed.
  • When using a 4 Post Hoist be sure the vehicle is secured and not able to roll off.
  • Never work under a vehicle without first ensuring the safety locks are engaged.

Weekly Safety Checks

  • Keep all rollers, pulleys, chains and safety lock pivot points lubricated.
  • Inspect and re-grease the columns if necessary to prevent any rust developing.
  • Carefully inspect all nuts and bolts are tight and everything is properly mounted.

Monthly Safety Checks

  • Give your Car Hoist a birthday by cleaning it thoroughly to help expose any hidden issues.
  • Check the condition and level of the oil with the hoist completely lowered to the ground.
  • Check your concrete anchor bolts and tighten any that may have worked loose.
  • Check that your hoist columns are still plumb with a spirit level.
  • Re-check your safety cables tension and tighten or slacken as necessary.

Yearly Safety Checks

  • Have your Car Hoist inspected by a qualified technician

We always advise our customers to have a qualified technician come out and check over your Car Hoist annually.

There is nothing like having that extra peace of mind that a professional has given it their tick of approval when you’re busy working under it.

Australian Work Safe laws makes this a compulsory requirement if it has been installed in a commercial environment.

By carrying out these scheduled maintenance jobs you will ensure the safe operation of your Car Hoist and enjoy trouble free use for many years to come.

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