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General Health & Safety

Joel’s Garage Gear is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all of our employees, contractors and visitors. As well as servicing our customers needs in an efficient, professional and safe manner.

You will be required to adhere to the following guidelines to ensure that your experience at our warehouse locations remains both safe and hazard free.

Pick Up Guidelines

Several of our products come in long lengths that require a suitable vehicle or trailer to be used for collection.

If you wish to collect such products from one of our warehouses or affiliated depots please read the following pick up guidelines first.

In accordance with legislative requirements we will use the guidelines below to ensure that your method of collection complies with road safety regulations.

Rear Overhang Limits: To reduce rear overhang, loads on motor vehicles may protrude up to 1.2m from the front of the vehicle.

A load may only project 150mm from the outermost part of either side of the vehicle. However, the maximum overall width for any vehicle and any load is 2.5m.

The maximum rear overhang is 60% of the wheelbase. This measurement is not taken from the rear of the vehicle but the center of the rear axle.

Trailers: The addition of a trailer does not allow a greater rear overhang on the towing vehicle. The load must fit within the carrying area or body.


Pig Trailers: The rear overhang must not exceed the length of the load carrying area or the body ahead of the overhang line.

Dog Trailers: For dog trailers and semi-trailers the rear overhang must not exceed 60% of the distance from the point of articulation at the front of the trailer to the overhang line.

Load Restraints & Tie Downs

Suitably rated restraints must be used when securing your load. The use of Telstra rope is not permitted.

Truganina Warehouse Inside
Safety Clothing

Enclosed footwear must be worn at all times whilst on the premises. You may be refused entry if you are not dressed in a safe manner.

Exclusion Zones

You are welcome to assist with the hand-loading of your products onto and into your vehicle.

However, as soon as any plant (forklift or crane) needs to become involved in the process you are to remain in our exclusion zone.

A representative will direct you to this zone. Where you will be required to remain a minimum of 3m away from the operating plant at all times.

You will also need to remain within peripheral vision (eyesight) and audible reach of the forklift operator.

Collection Refusal

Joel’s Garage Gear reserves the right to refuse to serve any customer whose vehicle or general safety is deemed unsuitable for the collection of their products by not adhering to these guidelines.

Any decision made by warehouse staff is final and you will be required to reschedule your pick up with a more appropriate method of collection.