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Car Hoist Questions

If you’re tired of jacking up cars and placing axle stands under them on the cold concrete — It’s time to invest in a car hoist.

Choosing the correct vehicle hoist for your particular application is dependent on a few different factors.

  • The ceiling height in your garage, shed or workshop
  • The concrete depth and suitability within your work area
  • The type of vehicles you will be placing on the hoist
  • The type of mechanical work you will be carrying out

We have a range of 2 post hoists, 4 post hoists, wheel alignment hoists, scissor lifts and motorcycle lifting tables to select from. All of which come with 3 years warranty* for complete peace of mind.

This completely depends on what you want to use the hoist for.

4 post hoists are generally better as a vehicle storage solution whilst 2 post hoists offer better access to work on suspension and drive-train components.

Our scissor lifts are also a great solution for work spaces with low ceilings.

This is dependent on two limiting factors:

  1. The ability to install the physical unit within the height of your workshop
  2. The height that you will be able to lift the vehicle once it is on the hoist

First use the table below to check which hoist is compatible with your ceiling height:

Vehicle Hoist Model Min Ceiling Height Max Lifting Height
5 Ton Clear Floor 2 Post Hoist 4.40 meters 1.99 meters
4.5 Ton Clear Floor 2 Post Hoist 3.80 meters 1.99 meters
4 Ton Base Plate 2 Post Hoist 3.00 meters 1.85 meters
3 Ton Scissor Lift Hoist 2.50 meters 1.00 meters
4 Ton Standard 4 Post Hoist 3.50 meters 1.90 meters
4 Ton Extra Long & High 4 Post Hoist 3.90 meters 2.25 meters
3 Ton Narrow Width 4 Post Hoist 3.50 meters 1.90 meters
Motorcycle Lifting Table 2.50 meters 0.84 meters

Once you’ve chosen a hoist that will fit with your ceiling height the next limiting factor will be the height of your vehicle.

This will determine how much space you will have to work underneath the vehicle.

In order to calculate this you will need to measure the height of your vehicle from the jacking point to the roof and add it to the maximum lifting height of the hoist.

This will then give you the height your ceiling needs to be in order to achieve maximum lift with that particular hoist.

It is worth noting however that in most cases you will not need to lift your car this high to work on it comfortably.

So as long as the hoist fits the shed you should have adequate lift for most standard sized vehicles. You just may not be able to walk freely underneath it without ducking your head.

Our 2 post hoists and 4 post hoist models each have their own concrete requirements as recommended by the manufacturer. Please check their individual specifications.

You can check the depth of your existing concrete is suitable by drilling into a discreet area of the slab in your workshop.

All of the vehicle hoists we sell at Joel’s Garage Gear operate on standard 240v single phase power.

You will however need a qualified electrician to wire up the connection to a 20amp outlet.

We are able to provide three phase power units by special request.

We always recommend the use of ISO 46 hydraulic oil for trouble free operation.

The amount you need will vary depending on which car hoist you purchase.

Vehicle Hoist Model Oil Quantity Oil Grade
5 Ton Clear Floor 2 Post Hoist 12L ISO 46
4.5 Ton Clear Floor 2 Post Hoist 12L ISO 46
4 Ton Base Plate 2 Post Hoist 10L ISO 46
3 Ton Scissor Lift Hoist 8L ISO 46
4 Ton Standard 4 Post Hoist 12L ISO 46
4 Ton Extra Long & High 4 Post Hoist 12L ISO 46
3 Ton Narrow Width 4 Post Hoist 12L ISO 46

All Joel’s Garage Gear products are made in China by the largest garage equipment manufacturer in the world.

We have built an excellent reputation based on supplying quality products at affordable prices.

We stand behind the stringent quality control in place and offer an industry leading 3 years warranty* on all our car hoists.

Whilst there are no vehicle hoist manufacturers based in Australia, our 2 Post Hoists, 4 Post Hoists and Scissor Lifts are all registered with Work Safe and designed to comply with Australian standards.

We can arrange for your new hoist to be installed professionally upon request.

We have access to a large network of verified third-party hoist installers all across Australia.

The cost varies based on your individual circumstances. Simply get in touch with the team on 1800 563 574 to obtain a quote.

We keep a large range of spares in stock, most of which have never had to be provided due to the high build quality of our products.

We will always endeavor to sort out any issues with the products we sell as soon as possible. However, sometimes parts may need to be forwarded directly from the manufacturer.

No — Our vehicle hoists and garage equipment have been designed for indoor use ONLY.

Anything installed outdoors and/or exposed to the weather will void the warranty.

All products are required to be installed and used within the manufacturers recommendations.

Freight & Delivery Questions

There is an automatic freight calculator on the product page, the shopping cart and the checkout of the website.

You simply need to enter your suburb and postcode and it will provide you with a live quote based on the weight and dimensions of the items you want to buy.

Our online shop is linked directly to our freight agent Big Post.

This allows us to provide you with live quotes based on the weight and dimensions of the products you intend to purchase.

Multiple items are consolidated and we do not profit on any freight charges.

Joel’s Garage Gear will endeavor to deliver all items within 10 business days in most cases, where products are in stock.

If an item is out of stock the standard delivery time frame will commence once the item is marked as being back in stock.

Home delivery is available for our smaller products.

However due to the size and weight of car hoists and some of our larger workshop equipment a forklift is required for unloading.

If you have access to a forklift at your business address, we can send the freight directly there rather than to your local depot.

We book the delivery to your closest depot going by your postcode. The freight agent (Big Post) will send you an email to confirm the booking.

Once it is at the depot and ready to pick up, Big Post will send you another email to let you know it is ready at the address of the depot.

We have an interactive map showing the locations of our freight depots Australia wide.

Our warehouse address is:

Joel's Garage Gear
32 Niton Drive
Victoria 3029
Tel: 1800 563 574

Yes, however this is strictly by appointment only.

Please give us a call on 1800 563 574 to arrange your pick up slot.

Purchasing your products online? Simply select ‘Warehouse Pick Up’ and you will not be charged any freight costs.

Payment & Warranty Questions

The easiest and most convenient way to place an order with us is through our online shop. We have automated processes in place to ensure your order is fulfilled with a quick turn around.

If you would rather speak to one of our experienced team members, you can always give us a call on 1800 563 574.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our vehicle hoists and workshop tools are extremely popular.

However, due to this we sometimes run low on available stock at our warehouse during busy periods.

Usually when this happens our scheduled shipments are not too far away. So we allow the products to be purchased as pre-orders.

This provides our customers with the convenience of securing their products in line with the due date displayed at the time of placing their order.

All vehicle hoist purchases come with 3 years parts only warranty.

All other product purchases come with 12 months parts only warranty.

Warranty only applies to the original purchaser. Proof of purchase, photos and details of what went wrong will be required for all warranty claims.

All garage equipment is designed to be used indoors, anything installed outdoors and/or exposed to the weather will void the warranty.

If it is agreed that the item is faulty Joel’s Garage Gear will pay the cost of freight for the replacement parts to you and for the return of faulty parts if required.

Joel’s Garage Gear endeavors to stock a range of spare parts for products sold. However, sometimes parts may need to be forwarded directly from the manufacturer.

Outside of warranty parts will be supplied at cost price plus freight. Joel’s Garage Gear does not believe in profiting from repairs.

Warranty does not cover miss use of any product. Joel’s Garage Gear encourages users to take care and ask questions if you are unsure of anything.

All products are required to be installed and used within the manufacturers recommendations.

We accept the following payment methods:


  • All major Credit/ Debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Zip Pay

In Person

  • Cash
  • Zip Pay

We offer 12 months interest free finance through Humm 90.

  • No Deposit
  • Repay extra any time, with no early payout fees
  • Ease your cash flow to get what you really want

Unopened items may be exchanged or refunded within 28 days of purchase.

The customer is solely responsible for any freight costs incurred when exchanging or returning items to our warehouse.