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Why is our 2 Post Clear Floor Hoist so popular?

2 Post Clear Floor Hoist

No, it’s not just the reasonable price.

When you’re comparing hoist brands, make sure you look for these key points before simply looking at the price.

Our 4.5T 2 Post Clear Floor Hoist features:

  1. A single point safety lock release leaver
  2. One piece columns and cross beams
  3. Direct drive hydraulics
  4. Tall 1.4m lifting carriages
  5. Screw adjustable lifting pads
  6. 2650mm drive through clearance
  7. Six bolts in each base plate

Plus don’t forget we offer a 3 year parts warranty for some extra peace of mind.

Take a look at some of our customers setups:

Are you ready to make the right choice on your hoist?

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Why Is Our 2 Post Clear Floor Hoist So Popular?
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